August 9, 2012


Amy Lee: "Evanescence Has Never Fit In"

Evanescence are criss-crossing North America on their Carnival of Madness summer tour in continued support of their No. 1 self-titled album. We caught up with singer Amy Lee to discuss the band's rebirth following a five-year hiatus, and where exactly Evanescence fit into the current music scene, if at all...

"I don't think we fit in," she says. "We've never really fit in. Rock is going underground. It's all about finding that specific thing that you love. I'm glad we're at this point now, after having mainstream success. We have this underground community that's way bigger than you'd think."

After a shakeup in the band's lineup, Lee says the current incarnation of the band have given new life to the older material—and brought a vivacity to the new Evanescence tunes, too. "We started as a live band. We're really comfortable taking older songs and making them our own," she explains. "I like them better than the way they were on those [old] recordings! And we took the same vibe and energy and applied it to brand new music."

Lee also dished on her extended break from music, and what ultimately brought her back to Evanescence: "When I started making music, you just find it naturally. Because you love it and it feels right," she says. "But after a while it becomes like work. This time I had gotten married and wanted to take time [off]. Not having it made me feel free... [but] I came back to it because it was in my heart."

She adds, "Music is my outlet for my own issues. It affects other people in the same way that it's therapy for me."

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