August 10, 2012


Gwar Reveal Secret Origins of the GWAR-B-Q

We've already gotten Gwar's relationship tips and their advice for avoiding face-eaters, but we hadn't unraveled the mystery of their annual music/food fete the GWAR-B-Q… until now.

Here's how cherub-faced frontman Oderus Urungus describes the genesis of the fest: "GWAR-B-Q is our annual party, I guess you would call it. Back in the days of the Slave Pit [their record label] we'd have these parties for the Gwar slaves. So after working for us all year, they would have an attempt at getting laid by throwing a party where they would get the girls all wasted and have sex with their unconscious bodies." Metal frat party?

"Strangely enough, the girls seemed to like it and we've done it over and over through the years, and more people have come." So to speak.

The metal monsters also gave us a hint as to when their next LP will be released. "We'll put out another album whenever the f**k we feel like it," Urungus says. "But I think probably within earlier next year or something."

He also says the 2012 non-apocalypse will influence the album. "Once again, the human race thought the human race would end. But what would happen if the human race split into two pieces? There would be people who were forced to live on the surface, and those who went underground to indulge in stem cells and cloning and having sex with each other," he says before growing silent." That's enough for now."

Watch the video above for more details on the next Gwar album, and head over here for full details on the GWAR-B-Q happening August 18 in Richmond, VA.