August 16, 2012


Insane Clown Posse: "F--k Chris Brown"

When we asked Insane Clown Posse to weigh in on the big names in today's rap game, the Detroit duo did not hold back when asked about Chris Brown. Not remotely.

"F--k Chris Brown, man, straight up," Shaggy 2 Dope says unequivocally. "How the f--k can you beat up a woman and still be a sex symbol?" Violent J asks. "He didn't just slap her," Shaggy points out, "He beat the sh-t out of her. "Swelled her eyes up," continues Violent J. "And yet he's still a heartthrob. In my opinion, he f--ked up…. Get out. Move over for the next guy now. Every time [radio] spins his sh-t, they're not spinning somebody else's sh-t who didn't beat up a woman."

Violent J puts the incident in another context. "If you're a sex symbol guy and you get caught sucking a crackhead's dick, you f--ked up. You don't do sh-t like that and be a pop star. But somehow in today's world… he's back now. What kind of message does that send? You can beat the sh-t out of your woman and still be loved?"

Speaking of disses, ICP say DMX's proclivity for slamming other rappers is what they love about him: "I like how he disses other people at the drop of a hat," VJ says, laughing. For their thoughts on Game and ICP-disser Eminem, watch the video above. And for the group's less incendiary thoughts on Jack White (who they collaborated with, despite not enjoying the finished product), head over here