August 14, 2012


Insane Clown Posse: "We Won't Get Our Due Until We're Dead"

Have you ever wondered, "Do Insane Clown Posse know how many people absolutely loathe them?" Well, wonder no longer: The answer is a resounding "Yeah boi!"

"Being the most hated band in the world is our charm, man," rapper Violent J tells Fuse. "That's what makes us special. And it's legit hate…. People don't just not like us and turn it off, they HATE us and they get mad that we affected them."

Despite acknowledging the ire they provoke from the general populace, Violent J thinks the duo will be recognized for its merits posthumously (although probably not by the FBI, since they are suing the bureau). "I think we'll never get our due from the mainstream until we're dead. Then people will look back and say, 'You know, that was some pretty original sh*t.'"

At the very least, we know Geto Boys have some love for the Hatchetman because they afforded ICP the rare opportunity to collaborate with them. And that's worth something.