August 6, 2012


Interpol Frontman Paul Banks Unveils Second Solo Album

Dimitri Hakke
Dimitri Hakke

Back in 2009, Paul Banks, the robotic-voiced frontman for New York City rockers Interpol, dropped Julian Plenti Is... Skyscraper, his debut solo album, before returning to his day job with 2010's Interpol. Earlier this year he followed with Julian Plenti Lives... EP. Now he's unveiled yet another album, his second official solo release called Banks, out October 22 via Matador Records.

Banks dropped the first taste of the release, album opener "The Base." It's a brooding (shocker!) surge that combines gentle acoustic bits and ethereal synths with grinding, industrial sounding guitars and booming drums. Listen below and check out the LP's tracklist, too. 

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"The Base"
"Over My Shoulder"
"Arise, Awake"
"Young Again"
"I’ll Sue You"
"Paid For That"
"Another Chance"
"No Mistakes"
"Summertime Is Coming"