August 14, 2012


You Need to Know: Canadian Rock Duo Japandroids

Photo Credit: Polyvinyl Record Co.
Photo Credit: Polyvinyl Record Co.

Every Tuesday, You Need to Know spotlights a rising artist that we know will blow up big. Listen now. Thank us later. This week: Canadian rock duo Japandroids.

Fans of Japandroids kind of feel like they're in their own little club at the moment. The Canadian duo—David Prowse on guitar and vocals, Brian King on drums and vocals—are a favorite among rock critics and journalists: Their debut effort, Post-Nothing, garnered them Hot New Band status, and now NPR has called their 2012 release, Celebration Rock, the best rock album of the year. The usually stingy Pitchfork even granted the album a coveted 9/10. Not bad for a sophomore effort.

When Post-Nothing hit in 2009 the duo hit the road hard, playing 200 shows in over 20 countries over the course of the next year. The pair quickly gained notoriety for their extremely energetic live shows, and having seen them recently at their last stop in Brooklyn, I promise you that's not a lie. You might stand there wondering how two nondescript Canadians with a drum set and a guitar can make grown men hug each other with the vigor of Olympians, emphatically guzzle beer in unison and shout along the words to every song (Celebration Rock's "The House That Heaven Built" in particular). But then you remember that's what rock n' roll does to people.

By all accounts, Japandroids should be the most in-demand, inaccessible rock band in the world right now, but it seems like no one told them about it. Prowse and King are "still drinking and smoking" their way through small clubs overseas and across the U.S. for the rest of the year. But they're on their way to rock's upper echelon, that's for sure. Get Celebration Rock right now and keep an eye on these dudes—they're about to break big.

Check out Japandroid's recently released "The House That Heaven Built" video below, and welcome to the fan club. 

Japandroids, "The House That Heaven Built"