August 28, 2012


Justin Bieber Punched The Wanted In Their Balls

Alberto E. Rodriguez
Alberto E. Rodriguez

In the New Yorker's feature on Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun ("Teen Titan"), we get an inside look into the mind of the man who basically hand-crafted arguably the world's most famous pop star. Besides learning that Braun loves Mickey Mouse and basketball, the article gives us a few quick glimpses into what life's like when you're managing the most popular 18-year-old on the planet. For example, how do you apologize to your new clients, British boy band the Wanted, when your younger client (Justin Bieber) punches each them in the balls? #richpeopleproblems

We learned quite a bit about Bieber, his relationship with Braun and how to make mad dollars in the music industry today. Take a look at a few tidbits from the feature below, and check out the full article here

Justin Bieber greets the Wanted and Carson Daly by punching them in the balls. After running into Scooter's fellow clients, the Wanted, backstage at a show taping, Bieber let his 18-year-old side show: "Bored, Bieber started a game, playfully jabbing everyone in the crotch with his fist. First, he jabbed at Braun, who, without looking up from the script, dropped his hands to block. [Carson] Daly did the same. When Bieber jabbed at Siva Kaneswaran, a member of the Wanted, he connected." He connected.

Scooter Braun got his start the old fashion way: hustling. While attending Atlanta's Emory University, Braun started selling fake I.D.s and organizing parties at night clubs to make some spending money—he convinced 800 college kids to show up to his first shindig. Nowadays, he owns original Warhols. 

Scooter Braun is a college drop out. After meeting Jermaine Dupri at a party, Braun dropped out to become the head of marketing at So So Def, Dupri's record label. The magic words from Dupri to get him to take the gig? "You’re never going to get to living in mansions by throwing parties."

Justin Bieber is so much richer than we thought. When Bieber introduced Braun to a cute little song called "Call Me Maybe" by fellow Canadian singer Carly Rae Jepsen, Braun knew he had to sign her—and Bieber got 50 percent of that cut (!!!). Braun, who enjoys spending his spare cash investing in tech start-ups, has also advised Bieber to get in while the gettin's good: "Sometimes he has Bieber put money into a start-up company directly; sometimes he offers to have him promote a product in return for equity. 'If it makes sense for Justin’s brand, I show it to him,' Braun said."

Scooter Braun is not a weirdo. Remember that other manager who was super close to the young male pop stars he was managing back in the '90s? Yeah, no. Scooter is not Lou Pearlman. Braun and Bieber have both a professional and personal relationship, with Bieber refering to Braun as a "close uncle" while Braun considers Bieber's mother "like a sister."