August 16, 2012


Justin Bieber Took Selena Gomez to a Phish Concert Last Night

Kevin Mazur
Kevin Mazur

If you had to pick the two most devoted fan bases in music, it’d be hard to top Beliebers and Phish ‘Phans,’ even if they are on the complete opposite end of the musical spectrum. Well, last night those two worlds collided when a tie-dyed t-shirt wearing Justin Bieber, along with girlfriend Selena Gomez, attended a Phish show in California.  

The Hollywood Reporter notes that Bieber had a great time, hanging out by the soundboard for the first set and then going backstage, where they met Phish and posed for pictures with the band’s family. Bieber had planned on leaving after the first set, but was apparently enjoying himself too much; he ended up sticking around for the second set and even threw some glow sticks, a tradition at Phish shows.

One does wonder what Bieber thought of the famous dancing at Phish shows:

Who do we have to thank for this magical evening? Dan Kanter, Bieber’s guitarist, is huge Phish fan and has been trying to bring Bieber to a show for years.  When Phish made it to southern California, Bieber finally found time. So, everyone, let’s thank Mr. Dan Kanter for making this all happen. Plus, that tie-dyed shirt.