August 1, 2012


Katy Perry Scores Ninth No. 1 Single, Ties Rihanna for Most No. 1s

Mike Marsland
Mike Marsland

While you and your BFF argue over who got more phone numbers last night, Katy Perry and her BFF Rihanna have Billboard records to discuss. Perry has scored herself her ninth No. 1 Top 40 single with her latest, "Wide Awake," a song created for her 3-D concert movie, "Part Of Me." The song also reached No. 1 on the Billboard Dance/Club Play chart, which marks her tenth time on the top of that chart.

Rihanna is the only other female artist to score nine No. 1s on the Top 40 chart, which will probably make her next hang out session with Katy a little awkward. After the numbers were tallied Tuesday, Billboard explained why Perry's achievement is "more impressive": "Rihanna didn’t first grace the list until 2005 and Perry didn’t arrive until 2008." In other words, Katy achieved the same record in three less years than Rihanna.

We're mostly kidding about this causing any tension between the two friends—like Katy and Rihanna really have time to dwell over such matters when they have yacht vacations and lines of waiting suitors to tend to. Besides, we think they'd see this as just another accomplishment for women in the music industry—Katy and Rihanna are two of the seven women who currently top the Mainstream Top 40. The Spice Girls said it best: "Zig-a-zig ah!" I mean, "Girl power!"