August 16, 2012


Ke$ha's Letter to Lady Gaga Bashing Her for Wearing Fur is Fake!

Ben Pruchnie / Jason LaVeris / Getty Images
Ben Pruchnie / Jason LaVeris / Getty Images

That letter you've been seeing on the Internet from Ke$ha to Lady Gaga reprimanding her for wearing fur is actually fake. Ke$ha's reps have confirmed to us that it's "not legit," despite how similar the letter looks to one Ke$ha wrote to McDonald's previously. It's probably just the work of a smart fan on the Internet. Or an ambitious intern at PETA.

But we don't blame you for thinking it was the real deal (we thought so, too!). Let's remember Ke$ha is from the Sarah McLaughlin school of animal lovers: she's gone on record blasting Canada's seal slaughter and the cruel method by which McDonald's slaughters their chicken. She received a 2012 peta2 Libby Award, which recognizes the most animal-friendly celebrities, and she was recently named the Humane Society's first-ever Global Ambassador for Animals. So it wouldn't be a surprise if the "Animal" singer took issue with Gaga's recent admission that she loves wearing fur and doesn't really care what anyone has to say about it. 

The "letter" comes after Gaga, who previously denounced fur on "Ellen" in 2009 stating, "I hate fur, and I don't wear fur," has seemingly flip-flopped her stance on the issue. After PETA slammed the singer for wearing what appeared to be a pink mink fur coat earlier this week, Gaga quickly took to Twitter proclaiming, "For those press and such who are writing about whether or not my fur is actually real, please don't forget to credit the designer HERMES. Thank You! LOVE, gaga." Seems like she's made up her mind.