August 22, 2012


Listen: Kings of Leon and Mona Members Start New Band

Photo Credit: Big Hassle
Photo Credit: Big Hassle

While his brothers settle down, get married, have kids and all that growin' up business, Kings of Leon bassist Jared Followill is still, you know, interested in making music, so he's teamed with Nick Brown of Nashville rockers Mona for a new band. Its name: Smoke & Jackal. 

The new duo will release their six-track debut, EP1 (creative name, eh?), on October 16. Their first single, "No Tell," was unveiled online this morning on BBC and will be available to buy on iTunes on August 28. Listen to the song below.

"Coming together just worked," Followill said in a statement. "I think it's because we took such an easy approach to it, we didn't bring any egos to it. We just talked about each other's ideas, neither one of us got our feelings hurt." Awwww. 

The EP was recorded earlier this year during a break in the Kings' touring schedule. A press release says the duo were "fueled by multiple bottles of red wine and a shared fascination with timbre, rhythm, and aural adventure," as they recorded the six songs in one week in Brown's Nashville home studio. 

So what do you think of Smoke and Jackal? Is "No Tell" really, as BBC declared, the "Hottest Record in the World"? Or is this a sign that the Kings of Leon need to hit the studio stat? I tend to agree with the latter.