August 3, 2012


Is Lady Gaga's New Album Titled "ARTPOP"?

Considering Lady Gaga has over 27 million Twitter followers, every little thing she does on there is going to cause a bit of excitement. Earlier this morning, Gaga tweeted a photo of herself sporting a new tattoo—the word "ARTPOP" in black letters along the backside of her arm—with the caption "new ink new album." Now every little monster on earth is wondering if this is Gaga's new album title (despite earlier reports that she'd reveal the name in September). 

Gaga continued stoking the fire a follow-up tweet: a photo of the words "we could we could belong together. ARTPOP." So now everyone's all, "Are these song lyrics? Is this a manifesto? Is she stalking her ex-boyfriend?" THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Whatever the title is, here's what we know about Gaga's album thus far: it will lack "maturity and responsibility," the song "Nothing On (But The Radio)" might be one of the tracks, a fan will direct one of its music videos and it might be called "ARTPOP." Making progress!