August 23, 2012


Did Lady Gaga Unfollow Perez Hilton on Twitter After One Direction Diss?

Amy Sussman
Amy Sussman

Well, this is weird. After One Direction's Zayn Malik (the hot one!) deleted his Twitter account earlier this week citing too much "hate" and too many "useless opinions" following a video that allegedly sees the pop star inviting a girl (who is not his girlfriend) back to his hotel room, gossip blogger Perez Hilton had something to say about it. He tweeted, "One Direction's Zayn Malik DELETES His Twitter! Called it! I said he'd be the first to leave 1D! This is the beginning!" (Malik has since returned to Twitter. Hey, sometimes you need some time off from the internet.)

Not only did Perez's 1D diss rile up their fans making Perez Hilton a worldwide trending topic, but the statement might have been rude enough to drive Lady Gaga to stop following Perez on Twitter. (Despite what you might have read, Miley Cyrus was never following Perez Hilton in the first place.)

It's possible Gaga stopped following Hilton for other reasons besides his One Direction commentary, but Gaga and Perez have been friends for a number of years, so the bald-faced Twitter delete is a bold move. If that is the case, though, it's nice to see celebrities standing up for the issues that really matter. One Direction is an INTERNATIONAL TREASURE who do not deserve this kind of treatment! Keep fighting the good fight, Gaga. As for Perez, he seems unfazed: "THANK YOU for all the laughs@OneDirection fans! Muah!!!!!!!"