August 20, 2012


Late Director Tony Scott's 6 Most Memorable Musical Moments

Paramount Pictures
Paramount Pictures

Influential director Tony Scott was found dead after jumping off a San Pedro, CA, bridge Sunday night in an apparent suicide. Scott's highly-stylized approach to directing brought him success in a variety of genres: He manned everything from blockbusters like Top Gun and Beverly Hills Cop II to cult favorites like True Romance and The Hunger (not to mention working with Denzel Washington five times). Scott also gave us some of the most memorable movie-music crossovers this side of Quentin Tarantino over the last 30 years. 

To honor his contributions, here are six of our favorite Tony Scott Musical Moments:

6. Flying in the "Danger Zone" with Kenny Loggins

It may considered cheesy now, but Tony Scott's Top Gun-footage-heavy music video for Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" is still an anthem for all of us who dream of being bad-ass fighter pilots. Listen to the song and try resisting the urge to speed away on that "highway to the danger zone."

5. Beat the Devil (2002), A BMW Short Flick Featuring James Brown and Marilyn Manson

In the early 2000s, Tony Scott was one of eight directors commissioned to direct a series of Internet-exclusive short films for BMW. Scott's frenetic camera work + sleek German cars = amazing. In Scott's addition to The Hire series, Godfather of Soul James Brown has a drag race with the Devil (Gary Oldman, obviously), to extend his life and stop aging. Oh, and Marylin Manson is the Devil's next-door neighbor. Just do yourself a favor and watch the 10-minute clip above.  

4. The Hunger (1983) Tapping David Bowie to Play a Vampire

David Bowie truly is the best-cast vampire in cinematic history. The guy doesn't age and, let's be honest, he most likely has supernatural powers. Billed in the trailer for his "cool elegance," Bowie's appearance as a bloodsucker in The Hunger is something we can thank Tony Scott for. The film also opens with a wicked performance of "Bela Lugosi's Dead" from goth rock founders Bauhaus, not to mention an eerie attack on a rollerskating girl's neck set to Iggy Pop's "Funtime."  

3. Directing George Michael's "One More Try" (1988) Music Video

In addition to including George Michael's "I Want Your Sex" in Beverly Hills Cop II, Tony Scott also directed the pop star's "One More Try" video. And it's pretty genius. In an era of oftentimes over-the-top videos, Scott made an extremely simple—it takes place in one room—clip, highlighting Micheal as an emotional performer in an intimate setting.

2. True Romance (1993) Casting Val Kilmer as Elvis Presley 

True Romance has an insanely large ensemble cast (seriously, everybody is in this movie). But one of the best cameos is Val Kilmer playing the King of Cool, Elvis Presley. Kilmer nails the mannerisms of the King while delivering lines like, "Killings the hard part. Getting away with it? That's easy," to a slightly psychotic Christian Slater. It almost makes you wish Scott and Kilmer had joined forces for a proper Presley biopic....

1. Top Gun (1986) Tom Cruise Making Sweet Love to "Take My Breathe Away"

Making-out to New Wave with Tom Cruise is something Tony Scott gave the world, and we are forever better for it. This iconic silhouette snogging scene (above) is not the only film-history accolade Berlin's No. 1 hit "Take My Breathe Away" earned, either: It won the Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1986 as well.