August 26, 2012


Listen: 4 Unreleased Lana Del Rey Songs Leak

Marc Grimwade
Marc Grimwade

Four new Lana Del Rey songs just leaked online and boy, oh boy, are they pouty. Girl's whole "gangster Nancy Sinatra" schtick is set to 11. Listen below.

There's "Big Bad Wolf," which puts a very, very sexual twist on the Little Red Riding Hood story; there's "Playing Dangerous," a piano-strings-and-dub-beat tune with Del Rey talk-singing "I'm in love / I'm in love / Love in a hurricane" and propositioning a police officer; there's "Afraid," a slow, waltz-y ballad with lo-fi drum machine beats and string-synths and, again, Del Rey pouting about love and fear (and, of course, fast cars and boys). 

Finally, there's "Delicious," which opens with this: "I don't know why you're looking at those other girls / They're disgusting, I'm delicious." Then, "They're disgusting, I'm delicious" ad nauseam and some raps about "blowing away" all the other girls. 

So, while it's nice to have new Del Rey songs, these clearly didn't make it onto her album for a reason. They could, however, appear on the deluxe edition of Born To Die, out this fall.  

Del Rey is staying busy in the fashion world, too: She's now in ads promoting Jaguar's new F-Type (with those big pouting lips center stage) and she's still reppin' H&M and is planning new music for their fall campaign. According to HuffPo, H&M will release a video of Del Rey covering Bobby Vinton's "Blue Velvet" on H&M's website September 19.