August 30, 2012


Listen: Red Hot Chili Peppers Release Two New Singles

The Red Hot Chili Peppers released two new songs yesterday. "Magpies on Fire" and "Victorian Machinery" are part of RHCP's ambitious plan to release 18 singles this year. Earlier this month, they released two other songs - "Strange Man" and "Long Progression" - and they will release two more on October 2nd. 

"Magpies on Fire" is your standard RCHP slow jam: big melodies, slow tempo, harmonizing. It wouldn't sound out of place on their 1999 album, Californication. 

"Victorian Machinery" is a louder, more "rock" song, but it's not without the softer, melodic moments that have come to define the second half of the band's career.  Listen below.