August 24, 2012


LL Cool J Breaks Burglar's Nose, Jaw, Ribs; Suspect Faces 38 Years

Ethan Miller
Ethan Miller

UPDATE: There have been some very interesting developments in the story of LL Cool J's home invasion that you must known about. First, it's been reported that LL was asleep upstairs when he heard noises coming from the kitchen around 2 a.m. during the night of the incident. He went to investigate and a brawl ensued, during which LL broke the intruder's nose, jaw and a few ribs.

Second, the suspect, Jonathan Kirby, 56, could face 38 years in prison after the home invasion. Due to his previous record and the "third strike law" in California, Kirby could face his fourth trip to prison in just as many decades. 


So get this: LL Cool J nabbed a guy who broke into his Los Angeles home late last night and detained the suspected burglar until the police arrived, according to the LA Times.

LAPD received a 911 call before 1am PT from someone who informed police her father was holding an intruder in the basement. Turns out, daddy was rapper/actor LL Cool J, who has apparently picked up a few things by playing a Navy SEAL turned detective in NCIS: Los Angeles.

Cool James wasn't hurt but police said the suspected thief had minor bruises. He must've tried to lift LL's radio, because we all know he can't live without that.

So… can we call this a comeback?