August 8, 2012


Justice Explain How Anime, Extreme Sports Inspired "New Lands" Video

When Fuse's Yasmine Richard caught up with Gaspard Auge and Xavier de Rosnay of the celebrated French dance music outfit Justice at Lollapalooza 2012, she learned their intense music video for "New Lands" has its roots in Japanese anime and Australian sports.

"It came from an idea we had in Australia," Auge says of the "New Lands" video. "We were watching footy on television and we were amazed at this half-football, half-boxing [sport]. It was fun. We also took inspiration from some eighties anime called Cobra. At some point [in the anime series], they are playing a sport called rugball, a blend of rugby and American football and baseball. So yeah, basically we wanted to make some futuristic, violent game."

To hear Justice talk about playing their first Lollapalooza and why remixes are "just an excuse to share a record with people that we like," watch the video above. And to see just how extreme the "New Lands" video is, check it out below.