August 16, 2012


Ludacris' Daughter Releases 11 Educational Rap Songs

Jeff Kravitz
Jeff Kravitz

What, you didn't know Ludacris' 10-year-old daughter Karma is already rapping? Then you clearly haven't experienced Karma's World, an interactive website that boasts a slew of hip hop jams performed by Lil Luda herself. 

If you've never been, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the flow of Karma Bridges because she JUST dropped 11 new hip hop bangers. Most of these cover a variety of topics typically underrepresented in rap: "Food Groups," "Responsibility" and "What Time Is It," which in this case is not a rhetorical question.

Here are the five cutest/dopest lyrical highlights from Karma's new tunes:

"A lie I won't tell but I'm talking bout the truth and it's so swell / Loyalty, honesty, integrity—got it / Deceitfulness, inconsistency—stop it"

"Food Groups"
"Vegetables, grains even milk or meat or beans / If you want some French fries drink some water in between"

"For real you can share your worst fears or even shed a few tears"

"This is what we work so hard just to get / it comes in the form of dollars and cents"

"There are different reasons bullies act mean / but most of the time it's from low self-esteem / and what I mean by that / in their hearts they are not happy with themselves"

Whoa. That last one took a depressing turn for a kid's song, right? Still, Karma is telling it straight—much like when her daddy once rapped, "Forget about game, ima spit the truth."