August 8, 2012


M.I.A. Talks New Album: "It Sounds Like Paul Simon on Acid"

Jordi Vidal
Jordi Vidal

Kind soul that she is, M.I.A. is answering fans' questions about her upcoming album, Matangi, on Twitter. What do we learn here? What can the people expect, hmmmm, M.I.A.? Apparently something that sounds like "Paul Simon on acid," she wrote. Alright then.

She also explained that the record, the follow up to 2010's Maya, will drop in December, alongside a book, documentary and art exhibition. However, as NME points out, some of these tweets have since been deleted. Maybe she had a change of heart. Maybe it actually sounds more like James Taylor on Bath Salts. One can only hope, ya know?

One fan asked how many tracks would end up on Matangi, and she replied, "its still in the making -could be 5 it could be 15 depends on what sounds good in my bros CAR." She also said Matangi will feature no collaborations and while the LP's producers are still a mystery, she said she's only working with "ones that dont act like fame whore coloniser." Hmmm, sounds like a dig at her former production mastermind and boyfriend, Diplo, who had some not so nice things to say about her last year. Play nice, kids.

So there you have it: M.I.A.'s new album: Paul Simon on acid; out in December; no fancy collabos. Is this good or bad news for fans? Tell us in the comments below.