Mumford & Sons Explain New Album's Title, Share Tour Stories

With the September 25 release of Mumford & Sons' Babel right around the corner, the group aren't taking it the least bit easy. In the middle of a brief tour dubbed Gentlemen of the Road, Mumford took a moment to chat with Fuse about Babel's cover art, their songwriting processes and the meaning behind that mysterious album title: "It's a very loaded word, a very bold word," keyboardist/accordionist Ben Lovett says. 

The boys also tell us what the Gentlemen of the Road events are all about: "When you're as lucky as we've been the last few years, there's an obligation to deliver a good show, no matter if it's a small venue or a really big venue," says string bass player Ted Dwayne. For all that, watch the above video.

And below, the fellows share some of their finest tour stories, including the time they played a sweat-dungeon in Scotland, and the incident where Ben stepped on a rusty old nail moments after one of their biggest gigs ever.