August 21, 2012


Nicki Minaj's Fragrance Bottle is Kind of Terrifying

Photo Credit: NickiMinaj/Twitter
Photo Credit: NickiMinaj/Twitter

In case your vanity full of perfume bottles isn't scary enough, Nick Minaj's Pink Friday fragrance will be injecting some major creep factor into your beauty routine. The Harajuku Barbie took inspiration from her Pink Friday album cover and created a miniature version of her pink-wigged self for her debut fragrance. She made the face on the bottle a shiny gold, creating some kind of Barbie-esque Star Wars situation that's making me really uncomfortable. (Also, how do you spray this? DO YOU TAKE HER HEAD OFF?) 

After revealing the photo of the bottle earlier in Twitter, Minaj told a fan it smells "like angels playing" and should be out at the "end of September." Great, only a few more weeks before that thing is staring back at me from across the room...