August 2, 2012


Here's a Music Site to Help You Actually Accomplish Something at Work

Oli Scarff
Oli Scarff

Some of us like to meticulously curate what goes into our ears, catering it for every mood and situation. Some of us also prefer to just roll with Pandora, or iTunes' Genius feature, Spotify's radio function, that type of thing. For those who prefer cruise control and have a bunch of work to do, there's a new site called It's all about getting work done, provided you find yourself most productive when engulfed in a spacescape montage of motivational electronica. 

The new site offers the speeds Fast and Faster (which is a great free title for whenever you decide to make that comedy spinoff, Fast and the Furious franchise—heads up). Give it a whirl, or just go back to complementing your ADD browser-toggling, Google Reader-ing workaday with Girl Talk.