August 27, 2012


On Spotify: Celebrate Neil Armstrong With the Best Moon Songs


The world lost one of its pioneers and heroes when Neil Armstrong passed away at age 82 on Saturday. But Armstrong's memory will live on forever because he did one of the raddest things in human history 43 years ago: He walked on the freakin' moon. When you think about it, that sh-t is cray.

In honor of Neil Armstrong and his inspirational achievement, we put together a lunar-themed playlist that covers everything from Elvis Presley's melancholy "Blue Moon" to Creedence Clearwater Revival's jaunty "Bad Moon Rising" to Television's epic "Marquee Moon" to R.E.M.'s Andy Kaufman tribute "Man on the Moon." So sit back, press play on our R.I.P. Neil Armstrong Playlist and take a long look at that big rock in the sky. (And yes, we included that strange Buzz Aldrin rap joint.)