August 24, 2012


Randy Travis Arrested Again and Again and Again


Randy Travis has had a rough year. He was arrested in February for being drunk in a church parking lot. He was arrested two weeks ago after he was found drunk, naked and passed out in a ditch. And last night, he was arrested again, this time for the Very Country Song reason of fighting the husband of his girlfriend in another church parking lot.  According to People Magazine, Travis was cited for Class C simple assault.

As Officer David Tilley of the Plano Police Department somewhat confusingly put it to People: "We got a phone call at around 10 or 10:30 [Thursday] night about a personal family issue occurring between an estranged husband and wife. The wife was reportedly the girlfriend of Randy Travis. Randy intervened and reportedly an assault took place between Randy and husband. There were no injuries reported."

Initial reports suggested Travis was drunk, but those are unfounded, according to the Plano Police, who said this: "There was no indication that he was intoxicated on the report. I'm not sure where these stories are coming from. It's nothing more than what we run into on a regular basis," which means they routinely arrest country stars for beating up the husbands of their girlfriends.

The lesson here is: don’t ever go to a church parking lot with Randy Travis.