August 3, 2012


Rick Ross to Pay $800K in Legal Fees

Michael Buckner
Michael Buckner

Former drug trafficker Freeway Ricky Ross' two-year legal battle against Rick Ross—he's suing the rapper for trademark infringement for alleged use of his name—made a turn for the worse Thursday when the judge ordered Freeway to pay $500,000 of Rick Ross' legal fees. The drug kingpin was originally looking for $10 million in damages back in 2010, and it doesn't really look like he's going to be seeing that money any time soon.

Freeway Ricky Ross has a hard time believing that Rick Ross got his nickname from the days when he was an All-American Football player at Carol City High School in Carol City, Florida. "He never even played for the team...And for somebody to say they never heard of me [is] erroneous. He’s supposed to be a connoisseur of gangsterism and he never heard of Rick Ross? ...It’s crazy," Freeway told AllHipHop.

Yesterday's ruling wasn't all cheese-covered Honey Buns for Rick Ross, either. The rapper must fork over $800,000 of his own cash in legal fees for costs related to the case. You know, a quick trip to would have been a lot cheaper for everyone involved.

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