August 8, 2012


This Robin Thicke Song Will Cure Your "Justin Timberlake's Not Making Music" Blues

Earl Gibson III
Earl Gibson III

The internet got itself in a tizzy yesterday when word hit that Justin Timberlake was hard at work on a new album. But it turns out he's only lending a helping hand on Timbaland's upcoming album, Shock Value 3. Mistakes happen, people! We're sorry!

Please accept this new Robin Thicke track as a sincere apology. His latest, "Another Life," produced by Pharrell and the Cataracs, is basically exactly like a Justin Timberlake song without the Justin Timberlake. It could easily be a Justified or FutureSex/LoveSounds B-side, and I mean that as a giant compliment. 

No word on if "Another Life" will appear on Thicke's upcoming sixth album, but stop asking so many questions and just enjoy the song already. And then let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Robin Thicke, "Another Life"