August 19, 2012


Rock the Bells 2012: Watch Yelawolf & Travis Barker Talk "Psycho White" Collabo

Best. Album. Title. Ever. Psycho White is the new title of Travis Barker and Yelawolf's new collabo EP and its name has a very literal meaning: "My homie heard some of the music and he was like, 'That's some psycho white boy sh-t,'" the tattoo-covered Yela told Fuse's Esteban Serrano backstage at Rock the Bells, lounging on Barker's pimped out tour bus (hey, he's a car enthusiast). "And it is. That exactly describes what it is."

Barker adds, "From day one we got into the studio and started making music, and over a year and a half songs just started accumulating."

"It's us getting in the studio and vibing out," says Yelawolf (who suffered a ruptured spleen earlier this year, derailing studio and tour work). "It's madness. It's great to have that outlet. There's so much rock influence in my life. It's the perfect outlet, lyrically, musicially, culturally. It's nice to put something out that's different."

Just how different will Psycho White sound? Barker explains: "One of the songs, 'Push Em,' has a traditional punk rock beat." Another, he says, has a "crazy rap cadence and marching drums. There are big choruses and lots of just smash your face in sh-t. It's different." 

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