August 21, 2012


Hear New Soundgarden Music in "King Animal" Teaser

It's a good day for you ADD-addled Soundgarden fans with a penchant for easily digestible 30-second song snippets, as the band released a teaser for their new song "Worse Dreams" from their upcoming reunion album King Animal.

Earlier this year, the band released "Live to Rise," their first new song in 15 years as part of The Avengers' soundtrack. That appeared to be the amuse-bouche, though, for "Worse Dreams" above, which, judging by the most-liked YouTube comment of "Hmm, it seems I've just jizzed my pants," is being warmly received by fans.

The track, based on what we've heard, is a continuation of 1996's Down on the Upside, blending hard rock with frontman Chris Cornell's love of pop vocal melodies. We'll just assume there's a "Birth Ritual"-level guttural scream in there somewhere, though. 

In April, Cornell told XFM that the new album "feels very fresh. Everyone is included and an equal part of it musically and it feels very natural and expressive, and we're going in new directions we never did before."

King Animal is out November 13.