August 13, 2012


Taylor Swift Moving Across the Street From Boyfriend Conor Kennedy's Grandma

Steve Granitz
Steve Granitz

According to People, American princess/pop star Taylor Swift has purchased a home in Hyannis, MA, across the street from Ethel Kennedy, her current boyfriend Conor Kennedy's grandmother. Because nothing says "let's take this slow" like a giant down payment on a house in a luxury resort town.

Swift has been hanging out with Conor Kennedy for the last month or so doing rich people things and looking genuinely smitten. According to reports, Swift shelled out $4.9 million for a cozy 13-room house overlooking Nantucket Sound.

Sure, some might think Taylor shacking up across the street from the Kennedy compound is a bold move, but I disagree! First of all, it's not like Cape Cod is private property—as long as you're insanely wealthy, everyone is welcome. Second, the supply of eligible Kennedys is running out. Tay's gotta lock that ish down, and I don't blame her for getting in there while she can (Conor is 18). 

And not to be a bummer, but think about if it doesn't work out: How great are those breakup songs gonna be? She dated John Mayer for, like, one minute and "Dear John" is one of my faves. Real estate is involved now—that's gotta make for some Fiona Apple-esque ire.

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