August 30, 2012


The Internet Rallies to Send Taylor Swift to Perform at a Deaf School

Josiah Kamau
Josiah Kamau

A bunch of people who have nothing better to do somehow found out about a contest sponsored by Chegg, a textbook rental company, and Papa John's that will send Taylor Swift to the school campus that gets the most votes. The school will get their very own Taylor Swift "Storytellers" performance that will air on VH1 later this year. 

Who does the Internet think is worthy of this prize? The Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Allston, Massachusetts. (Get it? 'Cause they're deaf? So they can't hear her singing?)

Unlike the Pitbull prank that sent Mr. Worldwide to Alaska (with Pitbull happily accepting the invite), there's no guarantee Swift will actually perform at the winning school (despite Horace Mann's current position at the school with the most votes). A deeper look into the official rules of the contest reveal that "sponsors cannot guarantee that a school, if selected as the Grand Prize Winning School, will agree to participate in this Promotion or accept the Music Event as a prize." In other words, this contest is likely only going down at a place that will make the best episode of "Storytellers."

Much like Pitbull did with his excursion, we expect the always positive Taylor to make lemonade out of the proposition. It might seem like a funny joke now, but if Taylor Swift actually performed at a school for deaf students it would probably make the most touching episode of "Storytellers" ever. Your plan would be foiled, trolls!

If you want to send Taylor Swift to perform at a school for deaf students, you can do it here. But we didn't tell you that.