August 16, 2012


See Riff Raff, Milonakis, Dirt Nasty as Farmers in Three Loco Video

Here’s the video for Three Loco’s most recent single, "We Are Farmers." The theme for the video is, well, it’s the Three Loco members on a farm dressed like farmers. If that sounds unimaginative or uninspired, it isn’t; the video is hilarious.  Andy Milonakis does his Andy Milonakis weirdo shtick, Simon Rex as Dirt Nasty keeps up, and Riff Raff rocks cornrows in an actual row of corn. And Diplo raps a guest verse. Need I say more? I do? I don’t actually have anything else to add, so I’ll end with a Riff Raff line from the song.

"Tempers flaring/I pull up in the Ric Flair McLaren/ Pull up with 4 bad b—tches on probation/are you sharing?/Got them jealous/20 inches/All you fellas/chop the tellers/Got you running over/Jerome Bettis/Versace lettuce/No diamonds/Gucci eyelids/I go to sleep/Snobby pilots"

Or at least that’s what I think he says. Either way, the video is great.