July 22, 2012


To the Extreme: The Top 5 Crazy Vanilla Ice Moments

Earlier this week, the world was treated to Vanilla Ice’s zumba remix of "Ice Ice Baby." The video is magical, and also reminds us of the plethora of weird/awesome that revolves around Ice’s career. Here are our picks for the rapper's craziest moments: 

Crazy Ice Moment #5: Vanilla Ice’s TV Set Rampage(s)

Back in 1999, MTV had a show that recapped the 25 worst music videos called 25  Lame. Vanilla’s "Ice Ice Baby" was number 9. To provide some catharsis, the show gave Ice a chance to literally destroy the physical copy of the tape. Equipped with a bat, he went on to bust the crap out of it…along with the rest of the studio.

Good thing it was just the set that took a beating because comedy legends Jon Stewart, Denis Leary, Chris Kattan and Janeane Garofalo could have been collateral damage in Ice’s rampage. The incident should serve as a reminder to show producers to never keep anything on set that Vanilla Ice could use as a weapon.

Crazy Ice Moment #4:  Rapping During a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Battle

In the quickly made sequel to the to the live-action Ninja Turtle movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze, Ice was tapped to contribute to the soundtrack, as well as have a musical number in the film. See the evidence below:

The weird thing is that in a movie about teenage turtles that are ninjas, who are trying to solve a mystery revolving around toxic ooze; Ice’s cameo is the most insane thing. 

Imagine you’re a rapper in a club, and a fight breaks out between two separate types of mutant ninjas. If instinctively, rather than leaving, the first thing you do is start laying down a fresh beat for the good mutant ninjas to fight to, then you might be as cool as Vanilla Ice (you decide if that’s a good or bad thing).

Crazy Ice Moment #3: Vanilla Ice Gets Into the Ring

While Ice may not be a ninja turtle, he did box once on TV. Before Chris Brown and Drake were offered a million dollars to box, Ice competed on the extremely short-lived Fox boxing show Celebrity Boxing.

Even though Ice lost the fight to Diff'rent Strokes star Todd Bridges, Ice put up an admirable fight.  Maybe boxing isn't Ice’s jam; he seems more cut out for Juggalo wrestling.

Crazy Ice Moment #2:  "Under Pressure" vs. "Ice Ice Baby"

Before sampling was everywhere in music, Vanilla's "Ice Ice Baby" came under a lot heat for taking the base line from Queen & David Bowie’s beloved collabo "Under Pressure." No mater what side you are on for the case, the old school MTV interview below is a hilarious justification of how "Ice Ice Baby" compares to "Under Pressure":

The best part of the interview is when a smiling Ice defends his DJ and himself for the song’s sound credit saying:

"'Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding'…that’s the way theirs ("Under Pressure" goes …ours("Ice Ice Baby") goes 'Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding Ting Ding Ding Ding.'"

See, it’s that little ting that makes all the difference! We are not sure which is the bigger joke: Ice trying to casually play off the song's sampling or that "Ice Ice Baby" became the first hip hop song to top the Billboard 200.

Crazy Ice Moment #1:

There are good movies rappers star in, and there are bad ones. Those labels Ice’s don’t apply to movie “Cool as Ice”; as it is so bad, its good to watch…heck, it’s amazing.Watch the trailer below to get an idea of what you are in store for if you watch this masterpiece:

Some highlights about the film include:

1. A plot involving a kidnaping, that makes the “Home Alone” crooks like geniuses.

2. The tag line for the film is “ When a girl has a heart of stone, there is only one way to melt it. Just ad Ice”(Somebody received money to write that!).

3. Ice spends a good part of the movie riding around with his motorcycle gang

4. An incredibly weird slow motion flirting scene, most likely influenced by the director’s Playboy documentary experience .

5. The line best line ever uttered in the history of cinema : “Drop that zero and get with the hero”

Vanilla Ice's career as a respected musician may be disputed. Despite this, he has one crazy career. What do you think Ice's next move will be? Leave your comments below!