August 16, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Das Racist Rapper Says Indie Rock Is Over

5. Rick Ross, you are a cruel taskmaster. 

Leave no business unfinished today.
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4. Katy Perry is now renaming DJs after items at Taco Bell. Fitting for a woman who once hilariously blamed a so-called baby bump on too much TB

Dj CrUnCh wRaP sUpReMe! RT @yungskeeter: 500$ worth of taco bell @katyperry how jealous are u bruh bruh
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3. Two bits of news to get excited about! Or ignore. It's entirely up to you. 

Busy in the studio working on @NicoleScherzy album...tomorrow I'm going to pick up my car from @SelfMadeRyan...#bestnewsever #willpower
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2. Yeasayer is not happy with one of their new album's reviews…

Another articulate review from another wannabe musician. Too many English classes not enough talent.
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1. Speaking of indie music, indie rapper Heems from Das Racist seems to think indie rock is kinda over. 

Indie rap is a thing but indie rock doesnt really feel like a thing anymore.
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