August 28, 2012


Top 5 Tweets: Soulja Boy Retweets Unflattering Comment from Talib Kweli

5. Tegan realizes why identical twins should NEVER roll with the same hair style.

Sara just called and asked if I could play her in our video today. I should NEVER have cut my hair like hers. #twinproblems
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4. Thanks for the life-affirming video of crickets toasting to death, Wayne!

These crickets are dying in the morning sun...
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3. Does the Mars rover run on purple drank?

CONGRATS N THANKS FOR INCLUDING ME!! RT @iamwill: #blessed first song ever to be sent from mars to earth #Curiosity
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2. Slaughterhouse have a mascot, and it sounds like he's doing a lot of porking.

Your own mascot is getting more release day tail than all you combined. @JoeBudden @Royceda59 @JoellOrtiz @CrookedIntriago @Slaughterhouse
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1. Talib Kweli puts down Soulja Boy, but Tell 'Em takes it all in stride by retweeting the slam. What a sport!

Where I grew up, Gangstarr, DeLa & WuTang were in heavy rotation on the radio, therefore influencing me. What influenced Soulja Boy?
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