August 22, 2012


Vanilla Ice Debuts Awful Remix of "Ice Ice Baby" for Exercise People

Vanilla Ice has tried his hardest to shake the success of "Ice Ice Baby." He did reality TV. He joined the illustrious ranks of rap-rockers with 1998's "Hard to Swallow." He co-starred in a movie (that flopped) with Adam Sandler. He even tried his hand at real estate. But poor Mr. Van Winkle has now officially given up trying to escape "Ice Ice Baby" and instead has embraced it, as evidenced by the Zumba remix he just released in conjunction with the exercise company.

The remix, the video for which is available only at Billboard, is how do you say...terrible. It manages to mangle the fun of the original by half-heartedly fusing it with LMFAO-type dance music in a misguided attempt to make the classic feel more "contemporary." Basically, songs like this are the reason people bring their own music to the gym. As for the “dancing” in the video, skip ahead to the two minute mark. That guy, pictured below, explains it all, really.

Ice, naturally, took pride in the choreography. "I showed 'em some moves," Ice told Billboard. "A lot of those moves are some of the old-school moves I used to do back in the day."

It's at this point that we can all start feeling sad for Ice, again, but still have admiration for his tenacity. It is amazing that, 22 years after "Ice Ice Baby," he's still giving it a go, trying to make it work. Then again, what else would he be doing?