August 8, 2012


Wallflowers on Working With Mick Jones of the Clash

My love of the Wallflowers is no secret—I gushed here on when news arrived about Glad All Over, their first album in seven years set to drop on October 2. To quell my inner fan boy, we caught up with frontman (and Bob Dylan's son) Jakob Dylan and bassist Greg Richling to chat about working with Clash guitarist Mick Jones, the undying chemistry between the Wallflowers' members, their mysterious cover art for Glad All Over and more.

On writing and recording Glad All Over: "We jammed a lot and created music on the spot," says Richling. "There are almost as many left over musical ideas as there are on the record." Adds Dylan, "There's no way around the chemistry that the core three of us [including founding keyboardist Rami Jaffee] have." 

On working with Mick Jones: "I first met Mick Jones as a teenager," explains Dylan. "And that song [single "Reboot the Mission"] is inspired by a lot of material that the Clash had done. There's a shout out to Joe Strummer, who our drummer [Jack Irons] had played with. We were flattered that [Mick] did it." 

Watch the video for more on the album and collabo, plus details on the Wallflowers' upcoming fall tour and album art.