August 6, 2012


Watch: Animated My Morning Jacket Video, ft. Zach Galifianakis

Back in November 2009, Kentucky-bred indie rockers My Morning Jacket got all animated on the Seth MacFarlane-created TV show American Dad!, wooing the protagonist, CIA agent Stan Smith, into suddenly become an MMJ super-fan. There's even a cameo from an animated Zach Galifianakis, playing a MMJ bootlegger. Awesome. Now MMJ and Galifianakis are at it again, this time teaming up in the video for "Outta My System," from MMJ's latest album Circuital. Watch above.

The video starts in the real world with frontman Jim James wandering a desert landscape in some furry, eskimo-style white boots. Jim James: pushing the limits of rock n' roll fashion. Then he dives into a glowing hole in the ground (think "The Hatch" from Lost) and turns into a cyclops, natch. The rest of the band appear, all cyclops too, and Galifianakis pops up as a wizard who shoots lightning bolts from his fingers. The band even highjack a space mobile, not unlike those from The Jetsons, and cruise the interspace autobahn. Warp your mind around that, dude(tte).