I've lived on Meserole Street in the East Williamsburg/Bushwick section of Brooklyn for about three years now, and let me tell ya—it's a fantastic street, if I do say so myself. A new bar called the Graham (one of the cross streets of Meserole), even opened up next door. Great news. So, clearly, an ode to Meserole Street is order. Thankfully, Craig Finn, the frontman of boozy rockers the Hold Steady, feels the same way and penned a tune called—you guessed it—"Meserole." 

The track is new and never before released (read: not found on his solo debut, Clear Heart Full Eyes). The video above, courtesy of the Bowery Presents Live channel on YouTube, shows him singing about ol' Meserole Street (no really, my building was built in 1861) in nearby McGolrick Park. In his lyrics, Finn even mentions the intersection of Manhattan and Meserole, which is a few blocks from my apt. But here's the thing: Finn names the song "Meserole," not specifying if it's the street or avenue, because there's also a Meserole Avenue, and it also intersects with Manhattan Avenue. Brooklyn: So confusing. 

So, maybe we'll never know. But, either way, long live Meserole Street (or avenue, I guess).