August 23, 2012


Watch Rick Ross Bring a Hilariously Awkward David Copperfield Onstage

At a concert in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Rick Ross brought magician David Copperfield onstage, and the result was predictably hilarious. Copperfield entered the stage as Ross performed a snipped of “Black Magic,” which includes the line, “Poof, there go the car/Poof, there go the crib/ a hundred mil/David Copperfield!”

So many enjoyable moments here: there's Cooperfield's off-rhythm head bobbing as he walks on; the awkward handshake-half hug greeting, which ends with Copperfield sweetly resting his head on Ross's giant shoulder; Copperfield trying to escape offstage, only to rush back for a picture with Ross; and, my favorite, the strange sideways handshake Copperfield gives to Swiss Beatz and other non-Ross dudes on stage.

To be fair, Copperfield was a good sport about it all, and this is not exactly his typical scene on stage. That said, I don't think anyone has to worry about David Copperfield starting a second career as a rapper anytime soon.