August 8, 2012


Watch Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch the Throne" Documentary

This 11-minute clip leaked, then vanished, around Watch the Throne's release last August. Now officially here in the world, check out the short film in all its ostentatious glory and spend a little time in the lavish estates Jay-Z and Kanye West used to create the instant classic platinum record. Here are the talking points:

0:36: A huge castle on fire. Just because.

1:15: 'Ye gives Jay a birthday present. Beyoncé goads Hova to show some graciousness.

5:34: "H.A.M." begins, Kanye boasts, "I love music that just really, really, really pushes, f--ks people up, like makes them extremely mad they attempt to make music." Then Jay and Bey dance to the beat for a sec and it's unbelievable.

6:20: Russell Crowe shows up to hear that one line about himself. He's chewing gum really hard and he digs the name-drop, too.

7:32: Jay works out some rhymes for "Why I Love You" and gets super intense. Also, he's definitely staring at one of his many expensive, thoroughly rapped-about watches as he figures out the lines.