August 6, 2012


Watch Will Smith's Son Jaden Show Off His Rap and Skateboard Skills

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith's son, the rapper Jaden Smith, has released from the blue Monday sky a video for "Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me)," a confusingly titled track with no affiliation to (but featuring a heavy sample of) Foster the People's super hit of the same name (well, minus the "Like Me" bit). Watch the video above, featuring all sorts of skateboard ramps and kick flips, and try to keep up with the many, many thoughts it gives us:

—First of all, is this video superior to Willow Smith's recent clip for "I Am Me"? No, no it is not. We're not looking to tear you down, Jaden, but someone has to win in every sibling rivalry, and for this video showdown, 11-year-old sis triumphs over 14-year-old bro.

—However: Jaden gets props for being the first human since Lil Wayne at the VMAs to wear Lil Wayne at the VMAs Brand® leopard-print leggings—while doing the very Waynesque activity of skateboarding, as well. Watch your back, Weezy. This kid has Will and Jada in his corner.

—Speaking of skating, this is some legitimate skatepark cinematography. Witness the early shot from under the board.

—Chicken/egg quandry: Was this song written to speak to Jaden's foot-moving swag, or did Jaden up the sneaker-sliding skills to complement the video? Big questions.

—Is Jaden's shirt about Misfits the band or about some other Misfits that only #theyouth know about?

—JADEN, C'MON: "New York meetings with Hova / Then go to Nobu with Chaka / These girls are thinkin' I'm older / then break it to 'em and shock 'em"

—JADEN, NO: "Yup yup, I does it / This my city right here, I run it / pass me a deck / pass me a deck, quick quick, pop shove-it"

—JADEN, STOP: "Yo, I ain't even mad at this / but I'll probably get some crap for this / from my parents and my sis and the people I be I'm actin' with"

—And yet: A flow this toothless and standard should be irritating, but the song is just too happy, somehow. It's sincerely not aggravating in any way.

—Lot of socks in this video.

—BTW, Jaden Smith's life is awesome.