August 27, 2012

Article to Premiere New Song From the Surface of Mars... No, for Real

Mark Davis
Mark Davis

When you're rich and famous, you basically get to do whatever you want. Enter Black Eyed Peas mouthpiece He's somehow convinced the dudes at NASA to let him debut his new single, "Reach for the Stars," from the surface of Mars via the Curiosity rover, which landed on the planet earlier this month. loves himself some science: He showed up as a hologram on CNN during the 2008 election, he declaring himself a big fan of the international high school robotics competition, FIRST, and Intel named him the Director of Creative Innovation in 2011. So perhaps he's paid his dues and rightfully earned "Reach for the Stars" its title as first-ever song played on the Red Planet? That's up for debate.

So's "Reach for the Stars" will make its debut on Mars (and NASA's website) August 28 at 4 p.m. ET. If you like what you hear, Mars, we're sure a live performance can be arranged. I'll set up a Kickstarter! Hopefully it will go as well as that whole Pitbull in Alaska thing.