August 31, 2012


World Premiere: Jordy Towers Featuring B.o.B, "Pretty Monsters"

Earlier this week, we brought you a 30-second teaser of pop singer Jordy Towers' "Pretty Monsters" video featuring B.o.B and now we're excited to bring you the WORLD PREMIERE of the full video.

In the video above, our mournful protagonist, last seen stealing your girlfriend, gets the tables turned by lamenting about all the "pretty girls." "How come all the pretty girls turn into monsters whenever I fall in love?," sings Towers. We've been asking the same question since middle school, man.

While the video features models in bathtubs and flowing champagne, the shots of ominous, burning playing cards are probably more in line with Towers' message. Luckily, a buoyant beat and B.o.B verse help keep Towers upbeat despite his hot-girl ordeal.