September 13, 2012


'The Voice' Owned Britney Spears' 'X Factor' Debut in Ratings

It's time to fire up the ole Britney vs. Christina feud, because The Voice totally aced The X Factor in ratings last night. All told, about 3.2 million more people watched Aguilera swiveling around in a goofy red chair than those who watched Spears get toxic while shooting down singing hopefuls.   

That loss has to sting especially for Simon Cowell, who saw his baby's second-season premiere lose out to the third episode of The Voice this fall. 

The Voice's victory is a bit surprising, though, given that last night's X Factor boasted the much-hyped debut of Britney Spears (and the less-hyped debut of Demi Lovato) as a TV reality show judge. After all, Spears is supposed to be the bigger star: Her last album produced three Top 10 hits while Xtina's Bionic didn't produce any songs that cracked the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

So Aguilera fans can feel justified in gloating over this one, since a regular ole episode of The Voice attracted 10.7 million viewers while The X Factor's overtly publicized return brought in 7.5 million.

In other not-so-hot news for The X Factor, its season premiere raised eyebrows when it became clear the producers specifically edited a contestant's audition to excise his coming out as gay to former duet partner Britney Spears.  

Either way, let's not forget that American Idol's season 11 premiere netted 26 million viewers. So Ryan Seacrest & his revolving table of judges retain the throne, even if the future of season 12—so far, only Mariah Carey has signed on—is up in the air.