September 10, 2012


2NE1 Discuss Their First American Concert and Their Random Love For Watermelon & Porcupines

K-Pop superstars 2NE1 are still remarkably humble considering how famous they are. Americans might not be too familiar with the South Korean girl group, but we, along with the rest of the Internet, are pretty sure it's just a matter of time before they are. (The band swept the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2011.) We sat down with the girls to get their take on how their first American concert went, their favorite U.S. artists, and the most fashionable member of the group. Check out more from 2NE1 in the video above.

Below, we singled out members CL and Bom for the latest episode of "Intimate Interviews," and the girls shared some of their deepest secrets. OK, not really, but we do find out their most embarassing moments, their favorite dances and the "food that makes them the happiest." Bom immediately responded with "Watermelon!" later giving the explanation that "it's better than rice." True story.