September 10, 2012


7 Things We Learned From DMX's 'Undisputed' Documentary

With his gruff flow and insane energy-level, DMX is one of the most interesting figures in rap, ever. And with Undisputed dropping tomorrow—the first-week sales go to 9/11 victims and families—the Yonkers MC is giving the Internet a peek into the exciting, confounding and ridiculous world of DMX via a 13-minute documentary. 

But to save you some time, here are the 7 most interesting/absurd things we learned from Undisputed—Uncut

DMX's Long-Rumored Gospel Album Will Drop This Christmas
At the 3:05 mark, DMX talks about recording "two albums on one budget." One is Undisputed, the other is presumably his years-in-the-making gospel album. "But they're not ready for [my track 'Angel'] yet," DMX raves. "Not until I hit 'em with the whole gospel album… the gospel record will be right around Christmas." Merry DMXmas!

DMX Rants About Kids These Days
"We lose a bit of ourselves with each generation," X opines at the 5:30 mark. "When I was a kid, you were doing something bad up the hill and someone would yell, 'Ima tell your mama boy!' Sometimes they'd whoop your ass before you got home. So it takes a village to raise a child. The '70s was the last era of that."

DMX Loves MGK, But Will Not Pleasure Him
After bringing special guest MGK out during a show, DMX tells the up-and-coming MC, "I don't f--k with too many rap dudes, but I got a great amount of respect for you though. I ain't never been a d-ck-sucking motherf--ker. I f-ks with you though." Come again?

Dude Still Loves Hennessey
Although drinking booze got him busted for a probation violation back in 2010, he's spotted sporting a bottle of Henny at numerous points in this video.

He Introduced Knicks Player Amar'e Stoudemire to Swizz Beatz
It starts at 6:06, but X's dance at 6:33 is pure manic brilliance.

He Owns a Pink Boombox!
At the 7:00 mark.

Sharing (Alcohol) Is Caring
DMX passes his beloved bottle around the crowd at a show while inciting a "sip and pass!" chant.

Watch the video above to see DMX in his full glory, and head here for our unfiltered interview with Dog Man X at Rock the Bells. And if you wanna f--k with MGK, watch the 22-year-old Cleveland rapper talk about prodding DMX to produce a "f--ked up record" for their collabo. And perhaps most importantly, listen to DMX rapping over the classic children's television theme song "Reading Rainbow." YOU THINK THIS IS A GAME?!