September 3, 2012


A$AP Rocky Recalls His Most Romantic Date

It's no secret we've documented A$AP Rocky's, er, more antagonistic side, but let's not forget about his sweet side, too. When he's not smoothly posing for our cameras or proclaiming Lana Del Rey his "dream girl," Pretty Flacko is sharing his deepest secrets in our latest episode of "Intimate Interviews."

Aside from divulging the last movie he cried at and what his nickname was growing up, Rocky revealed his most romantic date. Ladies, take note:

"The most romantic date I've ever been on is when a chick came to my crib," says Rocky. "She brought me some candles and some sneakers and gave me the best sex I've ever had at that moment. I will never forget her. So romantic."

Check out the video above for more revelations, including which rockers, both classic and current, the rapper is digging these days.