September 17, 2012


Bow Wow Fears Hair, Hates Collard Greens & Loves 'Jerry Maguire'

Child rapper turned adult super star (and occasional Fuse host!) Bow Wow recently sat down for one of Fuse's Intimate Interviews. What'd we learn? Well, he had some unusual fears as a kid.

"My biggest fear as a child was hair, believe it or not," he tells Fuse. "As a child I had a whole bunch of hair. It was weird. I had braids all the way down to my back. What scared me about hair was that it could fall out and be all over the floor."

As an adult, though, he still fears certain foods, namely collard greens. "I don't do well with collard greens," he says. "I don't like greens. I don't like okra. I could be here all day telling you what I don't like."

And despite being best known as a rapper, Bow Wow has some surprising musical preferences.

"I listen to a lot of oldies music," he says. "A lot of '50s, '60s R&B. It will catch people off guard to learn that I listen to '50s style oldies music more than hip hop, more than [contemporary] R&B, more than a lot of things."

For more of Bow Wow's intimate secrets, check out the video above!