September 10, 2012


Boys Like Girls Talk About Drinking Cobra Semen & Other Tales from Tour

Martin Johnson and Paul DiGiovanni from Massachusetts rock group Boys Like Girls sat down with Fuse recently to talk about their wildest tour stories. Lucky for us, they know how to have a good time on the road. Watch the full video for all their stories but here are some highlights:

On the dingiest venue they’ve played: "CBGBs, pre-John Varvatos," Martin says with no hesitation. "I was just going to say that," adds Paul. "You’d open the bathroom and there’s just one bathroom with no door or anything, and there’s throw up in it constantly."

On the strangest venue they played: "We played at a radio event in a planetarium," says Martin. "We’re playing, and it’s a radio event, and the planetarium guy decides to get a little jazzy and he starts doing a solo laser show while we’re playing." "It was special," Paul adds.

Best run-in with cops: "We’re in a Denny’s parking lot, and we’re outside the tour bus," says Martin. "We’re setting them off right next to the bus, just lighting them up. Not like small, little sparklers. Big ones. When the cops came, we decided it was a good idea to hide on our bus, our safety zone." "We all ran into our bunks, shut the door, and made our tour manager go deal with them," Paul says.